Friday, December 21, 2007

Tanner Cousins Wish Ya'll a Merry Christmas!

Pumza's experience in delivering aid to crisis center

Today we went to the Crisis Centre to deliver the packages, toys and clothes we had collected and bought. It felt so good to be Heavenly Father's instruments and thanks to your help we were able to. The Assistant Head Nurse was so grateful. She said yesterday they were wondering how they were going to cope for the rest of the month because they had $20 in their budget and they needed Care Packs (packets that have face cloth, toothbrush, toothpaste, soap/shower gel, body lotion). These are used often as the children and teenagers who come there are brought there directly after the attacks so they can have forensic nurses gather evidence, so they help out a lot. She had been contemplating how to make the $20 supply for some of the basics and we came in to provide them with a month's supply of Care Packs. They were so happy and she said, "God always provides." So our Church will be given a plaque under the donors' list at the Centre. We want to be able to help provide them with these for at least a Year. I'm attaching pictures of some of the deliveries we made. Your donation was also able to help buy food for 6 poor families at church so they can have food for Christmas. So again, Tanner family THANK YOU! The lady in a green tee in the pictures is Sister Vali, one of the Relief Society Presidency members. The people who went were Pumza, Hlumela, Alu and Sister Vali.

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We put some Care Packs in the box and some in the black garbage bags.

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Air Guitar!

I want Mikey and River to teach me how to play the AIR GUITAR!!!


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Global Warming is 4 Real!!!!

Hi ya'll yeeehaaa! Happy Thanksgiving!

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